North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

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  • Name: Dana Fisher
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  • Phone: 910-383-0553
  • Address: 151 Poole Road, Suite #3, Leland, NC 28451

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    The North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce’s Volunteer Program is to participate in and support the business community. Volunteer opportunities include joining in events and programs, as well as support for the office and special projects. Your participation will lead to a satisfying and productive experience making your residential and business community a better place! If you would like to find out more about how you can make a difference in your community by becoming a Chamber volunteer, contact us by email at or call: 910.383.0553. North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce is Your Community Advantage!

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The North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization. It is comprised of professional, energetic, forward thinking individuals who volunteer their time, and work together to encourage growth and economic progress in North Brunswick County. The mission of the Chamber is to: • lead and advance the economic development in our area • promote and support business activity • educate the residents to the importance of shopping local, which saves the bricks and mortar of our business community The Chamber’s vision is to work together as a community of businesses and residents whose goal is to serve as stewards of positive future growth while maintaining the great traditions and personality unique to North Brunswick County.